The Christian Entertainment Guild goes live with a Christ centered body of worship, study with a pastor or guest speaker who “brings the word,” and CEG Studio.

CEG Studio is a skill-focused “clips” night (similar to the secular Actor’s Studio hosted by James Lipton) aimed at teaching and analyzing various aspects of the industry — production, directing, acting, composing, set decoration, wardrobe/costuming, business, etc. of the film, television, music, video games, and arts industry. During CEG Studio Christians in entertainment who are at the top of their game share their faith journey and teach us to be better storytellers, TV and film makers, content creators, talent and artists. Check the CEG calendar for upcoming CEG Live events where you can get involved or contact us for more info.

To register with CEG , receive notices about upcoming worship events, bible study, job postings, mentorship programs and more in our newsletter, please follow this link.  To send us a message please use our contact page.