CEG Prayer Team


Pour your heart out to God at all times and in all seasons. Be honest. Share everything with Him.

*The following is a useful prayer structure to follow individually or in small group:

PRAISE & THANKSGIVING – Begin by praising God for who He is, His attributes or character. Thank God for all that He has done, is doing or will do. Thank Him for gifts both great and small.

CONFESSION – Confess silently if in a group. Specifically name the sin, repent (change your mind; turn away from) ask for and receive forgiveness.

INTERCESSION – Plead your case before God as Judge. Align yourself with God’s will by praying in line with Holy Scripture. Advocate for yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, your sphere of influence, your leaders and your nation. Persevere!

SIT WITH JESUS – Listen. Reflect on what His heart is telling you.

CLOSE PRAYER TIME in Jesus’ holy name.