Join CEG Praise Team

Hello! If you are a dancer, interested in praise flag team, singer, composer, vocal arranger, choir director, DJ, musician, visual artist,  or helping behind the scenes we would love to hear from you. Rehearsals and meetings are Saturday evenings. Please follow the link below to sign up. We will contact you with additional information. We hope you will join us!

Dancers, Choreographers, and Praise Flags Team

Singers for Choir, Vocal Coach, Choir Director, Arrangers, Composers, Sound Mixers and Support

Musicians (guitar, keyboard, horns, piano, drummers, beat boxing, stomp)

Visual Artists

Behind the Scenes Support (sound, lights, hospitality, refreshments, coordination, production assistants and…)

CEG Dancers 2019 - Dancers, Choreographers, Praise Flag Team Registration