CEG Animation Program with show runner, creator, Butch Hartman and special guests

CEG Animation program begins with learning the basics to creating a solid project and challenges you to create your best work possible. You will progress through the development of your skills as well as work to create and develop your original animation concept into a script. The program progresses to story boarding, building your show bible, preparing to pitch and then entering into the CEG Animation Development Program with show runner, Butch Hartman with special guests. Butch Hartman, is the creator of Fairly Odd Parents, Doogal, Johnny Quest, Bunsen Is A Beast and more. The program also includes special guests and other veterans in animation. Start your registration process now by submitting a writing sample for placement in the program. If you don’t have one go directly to step 2. Start here: #1 submit a writing sample (up to five pages here) and #2: pay the $25 fee for placement. This is not the class cost. Once your writing sample has been reviewed you will receive a confirmation code for registration and if applicable, a financial aid application.

CEG Animation Program begins with Writing for Animation course providing practical instruction in the entire writing process unique to the animation industry. The program progresses through storyboarding, development, pitching and production. Begin now with Animation Writing 101 or submit a sample of your work for evaluation and placement.