CEG Talent Program

You’ve got a talent God has given you for the purpose of honoring Him. One of the best ways you can do so is to work hard towards excellence. No matter what project we are on, we represent who Christ is to the world. We must be excellent at our crafts in order to honor God and influence the world. It’s time to take the next step and begin to develop your talent towards excellence with the support of an instructor / mentor.

  1. Acting 101 – Fundamentals of Acting
  2. Acting 201 – Acting II & Improvisation
  3. Acting 210 – Scene Study, Cold Reading & Acting For Camera
  4. Acting 211 – Character Acting
  5. Private Vocal Lessons – Singing
  6. Acting 301 – Voiceover Acting
  7. Voice Over Demo Reels (Animation, film, TV)
  8. Vocal Demo Reel (Singing)
  9. Music lessons – Drumming, Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Violin, Other
  10. Audition Coaching & Taping – Help needed now. CONTACT US for an immediate response or call – 818-697-0222.

CEG Talent program is built in a way meant to help you progress through the development of your acting skills. All talent (other than beginning) submit a demo reel for placement in the CEG acting program of choice. Above is a list of classes you may choose to help you develop your acting skills. Ready to begin the process? Click on a link above then SUBMIT DEMO REEL. If you are a beginning actor or wish to participate in Acting 101 or have questions about placement feel free to CONTACT US. Once your demo has been reviewed you will receive a confirmation code for registration and if applicable, a financial aid application.

Have questions about where to start or what program is best for you? Please feel free to CONTACT US. We are happy to help.