Acting 101 – Fundamentals Of Acting

Whether you are starting out or wish to return to the foundations of a strong technique for acting, 101 is the place to begin again.  Here, you develop the ability to respond authentically, dynamically, and vividly with acting partners and the ability to access sensory elements. You tap into imagination and memory. You gain a working understanding of acting terminology, exercises, circumstances, destination, intentions, obstacles, and conflicts. You learn to be in a state of discovery, leading to reactions. You develop tools for improvising and habits of discipline for professional actors. Please know that this program is to set a solid foundation in acting that will enhance your ability to begin scene study, auditions and performance.


*No audition, placement or prerequisite required. Developing solid acting skills takes time. One year of study prior to scene study is encouraged.


Registration is open now. Weeknight or Saturday class options available for this 10 week session. Step #3 includes opportunity to apply for financial aid or to sponsor someone.

1.  Pay $25 registration fee. This is not the cost of the class, but a fee to register you in the CEG talent program. *101 classes are the only classes that do not require a demo. Have questions? Feel free to contact us.

2. Apply for financial aid (if applicable).

3. . Hold your spot by paying your COURSE FEE $400 for 10 week, 2 hours per week session. Payment plans are available.

Looking for professional help in bringing to life your story for production? Professional development and writing consultation is available with non-union or union writers and producers.  Please contact us for further information. Rates vary greatly depending on credits, and previous distribution of the CEG professional.