Private Voice Lessons

The gift of music is something beautiful that speaks intimately revealing stories, passion and emotion through music. Extraordinary voices are developed through practice and proper exercises, rigorous scales, diaphragmatic breathing and resonate sound. Ear training, pitch perfection, tone and range. Your dedication to proper regular training and practice will develop your God given gift and talent over time.

Choose the program that best fits you. Various teachers have varied vocal styles to match your area of interest:

VOCAL DEVELOPMENT – 10 weekly lessons including melody and vocal training. $700. ($70/lesson) 55 minutes per lesson.

CONTINUING VOICE – 10 weekly lessons including weekly ear training, riffs and runs, advancing vocal training. $700 ($70/lesson) 55 minutes per lesson.

VOCAL PERFORMANCE OR AUDITION PREP – $125/lesson. 55 minutes per lesson. (allows instructor prep). If immediate help is needed text 818-697-0222 to check availability.


Proper and regular vocal training can increase your range, lung capacity, breath control, vocal strength and stability and build the quality of your voice.


Registration is open now. Private vocal sessions are available in person or via Zoom / virtually. Times are scheduled daytime, afternoon, evening or weekends.

1.  Register with CEG Institute and pay $25 registration fee. This is not the cost of the classes, but a registration fee. Unsure of where to start? Have questions? Feel free to contact us.

2. Hold your spot by paying the course fee. $700 for 10 week, 55 minutes per session or CONTACT US to make a payment arrangement.

3. If paying for a vocal performance or audition prep session the rate is $125/session. Pay here.

Looking for professional help in bringing your project to life through production? Professional development and consultation is available with non-union or union writers and producers.  Please contact us for further information. Rates vary greatly depending on credits, and previous distribution of the CEG professional.