Feature Film Writing

CEG Writers Program

You’ve got a vision. It’s time to take the next step and begin to bring your story to life with the support of an instructor / mentor. New to screenwriting? Start with Screenwriting 101. Have some experience and a writing sample? Then submit a writing sample and send us a note for placement.

  1. Screenwriting 101  – Introduction To Screenwriting
  2. Screenwriting 201 – Writing The Treatment / Outline
  3. Screenwriting 202 – Screenwriting
  4. Screenwriting 203 – Screenwriting
  5. Screenwriting 301 – The Story Bible
  6. Screenwriting 208 – The Rewrite
  7. Screenwriting 209 – Parable Writing/The God Story
  8. Screenwriting 210 – True To Life / Non-Fiction Screenwriting (Film or TV)
  9. Comic Book Writing 101 – Introduction to Comic Book Writing
  10. Animation Writing 101 – Fundamentals in screenwriting
  11. Animation Writing 201 – Creating your story treatment
  12. Animation Writing 202 – Writing the animation script

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CEG Writers program is built in a way meant to help you progress through the development of your writing skills and project. All participants submit a writing sample for placement in the writing path of choice. Above is a list of classes you may choose to help you develop feature length scripts. Ready to begin the process? Click on a link above then submit a writing sample (up to five pages here). Once your writing sample has been reviewed you will receive a confirmation code for registration and if applicable, a financial aid application.