The Re-Write

CEG’s Script Re-Write class is an advancing writer program intended for those who want to take their completed script to the next level. The first step your CEG mentor will take you through is to analyze the strengths, weaknesses and room for improvement in your script. You will continue to work through analysis and development with the support of your instructor starting with the big picture and going into the details.

  1. Story
  2. Character development
  3. Scenes
  4. Act openings, endings and twists
  5. The art of dialogue
  6. The art of narrative

Every session you are given homework and turn in pages from your script for feedback. As you progress through your re-write your mentor will help guide you through the strengthening of your script. This is designed to prepare you to submit your script for agent representation, writer competitions, production consideration or production. The course goal is to rewrite your full-length feature film script.


An approved screenplay is required for admission into Screenwriting 307.

Acceptance in this program requires submission of a writing sample. Please do so by registering now. 1. Submit the registration form to your right now. 2. Pay the registration fee. This is not the cost of the class, but a placement and evaluation fee. 3. Submit a writing sample. 4. Hold your spot by paying the course fee.


Summer and fall sessions are open for registration now. Weeknight or Saturday class options available for this 10 week session. Step #3 includes opportunity to apply for financial aid or to sponsor someone.


1. Submit a writing sample and pay the registration fee. This is not the cost of the class, but a placement and evaluation fee. *Screenwriting 101 is the only class that does not require a writing sample. However, submitting one will help us in evaluating how we can best help you with the development of your writing skills. Unsure of what to submit? Have questions? Feel free to contact us.

2. Wait for a confirmation on what class level you should start with. Our goal is to help you become the best you can be so placement is important. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or for some reason didn’t hear back from us within 24 hours.

3. Apply for financial aid (if applicable).

4. Hold your spot by paying the course fee.

Looking for professional help in bringing to life your story for production? Professional development and writing consultation is available with non-union or union writers and producers.  Please contact us for further information. Rates vary greatly depending on credits, and previous distribution of the CEG professional.