TV Writing

Have a concept for a new TV series or want to write a spec script for an existing one? If so, CEG TV Writing program is the perfect place for you to be. This program also prepares you for upcoming development workshops with CEG mentors and special guests. Submit a writing sample for placement into:

Screenwriting 101 – The fundamentals of writing for TV including story structure, character development, 3 act plot structure and formats.

Script Writing 201 – Create the outline.

TV Writing 202 – Writing an episode of an original TV show or existing half-hour series, with emphasis on the anatomy of a joke, comedic structure, and character.

CEG Writers Program

CEG Writers program is built in a way meant to help you progress through the development of your writing skills and project. All participants submit a writing sample for placement in the writing path of choice. Below is a list of classes you may choose to help you develop feature length scripts. Ready to begin the process? Click on a link below then submit a writing sample (up to five pages here). Once your writing sample has been reviewed you will receive a confirmation code for registration and if applicable, a financial aid application.