CEG announces the CEG Institute, “the place to grow and develop the stories, talents and dreams God has entrusted you with.”

“I love what you guys are doing and what you are about (CEG).”  Andy Erwin (Kingdom Studios) – Producer, Director, Writer (I Can Only Imagine, I Still Believe, Woodlawn, October Baby)

“We have an opportunity here… we did a show that connected with kids.” “You want to be sitting across from an executive at Paramount and hear them say, “Oh, that show – Kickin It? It’s the only show I can watch with my kids. I love that show.” Jim O. Creator, Writer. #1 show at Disney.

” The CEG writers workshop gave me real world exposure to industry professionals, and an accurate process of taking an idea all the way to pitch. The writers group was challenging and forced me to create and write in a new dynamic I did not know was possible.” Shaun Kelly, Finalist, CEG 1/2 Hour Comedy Writers Development Workshop with top TV show runner.

“Take every opportunity you can to learn and to be better. I need better scripts. I need better writers. I’m looking for great writing. You can be great and it is up to you to do the work to be great. We need it.” Rick Bonn, Vice President Acquisitions and Development. (Pure Flix at time of interview)


Writers Program (screenwriting, TV, comedy+)

Animation Program (writing, storyboarding, art+)

Talent Program (actors, voice)

Art Program (art for animation, fundamentals of art)

Storytelling is one of the most highly influential mediums in the world. As Christians in entertainment we have the opportunity to meld both faith and the arts together through film, TV, animation, art, music, dance and more. Together through mentorship, teaching and learning, and coming together as a body of believers where two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus the Holy Spirit can work through us in a way where we can portray the true nature of who Christ is in a way that is relevant within pop culture.