One of the best ways to get connected here at the Christian Entertainment Guild is through serving or a community group.  The Christian Entertainment Guild is a  great big faith family of Christians in entertainment.  Whether you are a veteran in the industry wanting to use your gifts and talents to serve and mentor the next generation or you are an up and coming film maker looking to get connected with other believers or be mentored, we would love for you to join us. There are many ways to get involved.

Step #1:  Register.  As soon as you complete your registration, you will begin to receive information about upcoming worship events, development projects, service opportunities, mentorships, learning opportunities, community groups and more.

Step #2:  Sign up for TUESDAYS WITH SUZY to get your questions answered and discover the best place to get involved behind the scenes of CEG

Step #3: Join a CEG Community Group

Step #4:  Join a CEG Team 

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Step #4:   Sign up to serve.  

The best way to get connected is to become a part of the CEG family by joining and CEG Community Group and a CEG Team.  Whether you are a veteran in the industry wanting to share your gifts and talents in mentor-ship opportunities or supporting the development of projects that portray the true nature of who Christ is or you’ve been in the industry a few years or you are a recent film student grad or new to the industry we would love to see you.

Still have questions?  Or a prayer request? To send us a message or ask a question please use our contact page.