Songs Of Hope – Music

SONGS OF HOPE is project of the Christian Entertainment Guild. If you have not registered yet, you can do so here to be kept up to date with our many ministry projects, events and community groups for Christians in entertainment. REGISTER HERE.
There are two ways to be involved with our Songs Of Worship campaign.
1.  JOIN CEG Virtual Music Group with live musicians of all types. Together we pray, rehearse and sing a song each session. REGISTER HERE.
2.  PARTICIPATE IN VIRTUAL SING ALONGS INCLUDING EASTER. Sing along, clap along, play along, worship to one or more songs noted below. Please self tape using your phone or computer.  Medium close up shots are preferred. If you can, please wear blue, white or orange (if not we would still love to include you). If you can use a blue, white or orange background. Other backgrounds are OK.  Submissions may be individual or as a family or group. One person may also want to submit individually. All of this is great. If you play an instrument and sing you are also welcome to submit doing both. After you have self taped please upload your video to Youtube or similar site and send us a link by SUBMITTING HERE.  We are excited to worship with you through the Songs Of Hope campaign. Thank you so much for being a part of this campaign with the purpose of sharing the hope we have in Jesus. 
REFERENCES:  Here is a link to a similar concept about how we can all sing together (not a song I agree with btw)   
And here is a link to a virtual choir 
I would say this reference represents more of who we are and the vibe we are after:
YOUR SONG – SONG #2:  HALLEUJAH (your love makes me sing)
Please submit as soon as possible. First edit will begin April 11th. 
Here is an instrumental track Robert has created for us to sing along with (thank you!). INSTRUMENTAL TRACK 
Tambourine anyone?  :  ) and of course  vocals, clapping and more. Thank you so much for being a part of the CEG family. We look forward to worshiping with you.