Script Re-Writing

CEG Writers Program

CEG Writers program is built in a way meant to help you progress through the development of your writing skills and project.  Looking for that edge that can make your project pop in the sea of other submissions? Willing to dive in and do the hard work? In this class you will be mentored through the process of elevating the quality of your  script and working towards that professional level you need to hit to open doors. 10 week session meets for two hours a week.  Weeknight  and Saturday sessions available. 10 week session include strengthening:

1. Story and structure

2.  Character development

3. Dialogue

4. Loglines

5. Wordsmithing

6. Prep for the pitch

All participants submit a writing sample for placement in the writing path of choice.

GET STARTED NOW BY SUBMITTING A LOG LINE & SYNOPSIS then hold your spot by paying your COURSE FEE $400 for 10 week, 2 hours per week session. Payment plans are available.

Screenwriting 208:  The Re-Write