Christian Entertainment Guild goes live! Join us for Christ-centered worship, the Word, and CEG Studio!



In this episode of CEG Studio, Butch Hartman, creator of Fairly Odd Parents  shares his faith journey as a Christian in animation as well as how he went from a animator to bringing to life his own stories as a showrunner. Hartman is also leading an animation workshop with the Christian Entertainment Guild where you will have an opportunity to develop and pitch your own stories. CONTACT US for more information or GO HERE.

“Each of us in Hollywood has the opportunity to assume the responsibility for creating films that elevate rather than denigrate, that shed light rather than dwell in darkness, that aim for the highest common denominator rather than the lowest.”  Jeffrey Katzenberg

CEG Studio is a skill-focused night aimed at teaching and analyzing various aspects of the industry. Christians who are at the top of their game in entertainment, share their faith-journey and teach us how to be better storytellers, television and film makers, content creators, talent, and artists.

At CEG Studio we learn from industry professionals about writing, production, directing, acting, composing, set decoration, wardrobe/costuming, animation, and the business of film, television, music, video games, and the arts industry. Check the CEG calendar for upcoming CEG Live events where you can get involved or contact us for more info.

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