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CEG Safety Guidelines

Please complete the following volunteer agreement to follow the CEG Safety Guidelines for the protection of our great big faith family community.

4. Physical contact should be age and developmentally appropriate and is only appropriate when done publicly. Hugging children can only be done if the child or minor initiates the contact. Be sensitive, and desist from any hugging attempts when ever the other person shows any reluctance. Whether child or adult, never allow full contact (body to body) hugs. Rather distance your body from the hug or give the person a side-to side hug. Sometimes it may be best for you to initiate a high-five rather than invite a hug.

10. Serious injuries involving broken bones, convulsions, fainting, unconsciousness or other serious bodily injury should be treated as follows: • Remain calm and keep the injured person as calm as possible. Speak calmly. • Do not move or leave the injured person alone. • Send a fellow volunteer to find a coordinator or leadership member or producer for assistance. • The coordinator or CEG Leadership member will call 911 if necessary. • The coordinator or CEG Leadership member will contact the parents if applicable. • If the injured is to be transported to a hospital and a family member of the injured cannot be located in time, the CEG leader will accompany the injured to the hospital. • The CEG leader will follow up with the family or parent as needed. All volunteers and CEG leaders involved in the emergency will write out a report of what happened immediately following the emergency. 

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