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Welcome to CEG's Bible Study small groups. We hope you will join us from where you are virtually (via Zoom) or in person in the Los Angeles (Westlake Village) area. Want to get connected with a body of believers? This is the place to start. No matter what our dreams are in the industry we need a solid foundation in our faith, and community to come alongside us on this journey. We hope you will find that in a CEG Bible Study. Join now.

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Why Join A CEG Bible Study Group

Church family helps me focus on God.

Helps me face life's problems. God never meant for us to go it alone.

Helps me to forify (strengthen, develop) my faith. Together we get the right support, clarify our values.

Helps me find my place to make a difference.  God has something unique for you to do. How did you use your life to serve God, others, to make a difference?

Helps people fill our life mission. Put here to make a difference no one else can make. 

JOIN CEG BIBLE STUDY GROUP NOW. It's easy. If you haven't already registered with CEG we encourage you to do so HERE. There you can tell us a little about you and sign up for what you want.

Or just sign up for CEG BIBLE STUDY here. Be sure to note the group(s) you are interested in. We look forward to seeing you!

Join Us!

Thanks for contacting us! You will receive an email with details soon. 

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