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Script Coverage – $250

CEG script coverage includes a synopsis of the story, some notes on why the script worked or didn’t work. In addition it will include a standard “Pass,” “Consider,” or “Recommend” rating. Those scripts with a “Recommend” rating may be forwarded with your permission “recommended by CEG” to companies and producers CEG believes may be a good match.


Script Consulting – $495

  1. Written log line

  2. Story Structure evaluation and notes

  3. Story reference suggestion

  4. Character development evaluation and notes

  5. Character reference suggestions

  6. Grammar and general  industry format notes

  7. Dialogue notes

  8. 4 to 6 pages of notes (combined)

  9. 7 day delivery, rush options available

  10. Includes up to 120 page script. Additional pages are $3/page.


Script Polish – LIGHT polish $1500 and up. Full polish to be discussed  (non-union to union writers)

You’ve written a script and have a story you want to bring to life. However, it needs a polish to strengthen it. First step, order  CEG Script Consulting service above so we can get a clear picture of the status of your script, changes needed and to ensure your script is ready for Script Polish to enhance what you’ve already created.


Script Rewrite – 

please contact us.  Union and non-union rates vary greatly depending on experience.

Script Mentorship – $1500 and up (depending on credits)

Ten one hour private sessions with a writing consultant who will mentor you in the writing development of your script. Sessions are conducted via Zoom. Please consult with us if you would like to consider writers who are above minimum rate.

Full Script Writing – please contact us


Script / Project Evaluation For Development – $1200 

You’ve written a script and may or may not have some materials ready for pitching. Now you need feedback and evaluation on is your project ready for pitching? Can it attract name talent? Is it at the highest potential level where professionals with track records might consider it for production or distribution? Or is it ready to begin fundraising? Is it at the level where it is solid and ready to move to the next level – Development? Interested in possibly getting a CEG stamp of “Recommended by CEG?” CEG does have resources and relationships to help with development and name talent attachment for distribution, etc.. First we need to see an evaluation.

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