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CEG Writers Community Group Submission & Release Form

In order to get the most out of our CEG groups, it is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of trust. As you may already be aware, the CEG family is replete with members and special guests who are involved with projects that are in various stages of development or production. Although CEG is a Christian group, and our moral and spiritual code is one that already requires that we behave in a manner that creates such an atmosphere, putting pen to paper is, after all, very much in line with what we do.

In that spirit, and after requests from some of our members, we have included this NDA to be signed by those participating in the CEG Writers Community Group where confidential information is being shared. You are free to have this document reviewed by an attorney of your choosing, and you are only required to sign the NDA if you wish to participate in these particular sessions. Otherwise, you are welcome to take part in any other of our numerous events and groups.

#1. If you have not already REGISTERED WITH CEG please do so then return here.
#2 To share and/or give feedback on written materials within CEG Community Group please complete the form below:

DROP A FILE HERE OR CLICK TO UPLOAD Maximum upload size: 516MB

Thank you for submitting!

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