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$400 For 10 Weeks

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Production Development  dives into the development of your project and preparing it to produce yourself, pitch to agents, distributors or production companies. You will learn and work through the process of developing your own project, creating a story bible, pitch deck and presentation materials. Course instruction / mentorship includes workign with a development producer, producer and special industry guest. Homework and reading assignments are necessary for your success. Note: This course may be repeated and is a pre-requisite for Screenwriting 301 classes. Course requirements: Final Draft. Please be prepared to write within the class time.




CEG also offers CEG Services where professionals in the industry provide script consultation, development or production services. CONTACT US for more information.


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Do you have a story God has placed on your heart that is rooted in parables of the bible? The parables of Jesus are a large part of Jesus’ teaching and the bible. He simplified his messages and truths to share them in a way that was relatable to the people, yet conveyed a valuable moral lesson. In this course we will delve deeper into the spiritual journey of story starting with parables. We will connect bible principles and stories to modern story telling illustrating the par

Have a true life story you’ve been wanting to bring to life but not sure where to start? Or have one that needs to be strengthened and developed so it can have more potential for distribution? In this class we explore the process and art of crafting compelling stories based on true life events in a way that can increase potential to reach an audience. Based on your writing sample submission you may be placed in this class or a 101 class to set the right foundation for bringing your story to life. 

Acceptance in this program requires submission of a writing sample. Please do so by registering now. 1. Submit the registration form to your right now. 2. Pay the registration fee. This is not the cost of the class, but a placement and evaluation fee. 3. Submit a writing sample. 4. Hold your spot by paying the course fee.


This course has pre-requisites including a completed script and placement evaluation.

ables found in the bible. Encouraging and helping others to create stories that can be significant within pop culture while portraying the true nature of who Christ is, is one of the goals of CEG. 

If you’re excited to write a story based on God’s word and parables this is the course for you. The course goal is to complete a treatment or outline for a screenplay, TV show or novel. Note: Pre-requisite: Screenwriting 101.



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