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CEG Script Consulting

CEG Offers Script Coverage, Consulting, Polish & Writing Services.

Whether you are pitching your script to first round of investors (people close to you or who already admire your work), an independent producer or a studio, that first impression happens the moment you mention your project.

That’s why we need great log lines and synopses. “If there is one thing I could ask of an emerging writer, it would be before you pitch make sure that project is as strong as it can be.  Once you’ve pitched, the first impression is done,” says Suzy Sachs, one of the founders of CEG.  “It is so important for us to only present stories to our resources when they have reached “excellent” status. One of the ways to work towards that excellent status is to work with a strong script consultant or mentor as well as to bravely share your story with other writers, take notes, accept feedback, re-work your story and even collaborate with others if it will make the project stronger. ”

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