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Top commercial agency in town looking for highly motivated agent to join team. Pay is based upon experience. $$$$$ to $$$$$$. 1. EXPERIENCED COMMERCIAL AGENT. Experienced agent who can hit the ground running, knows the ins and outs of packaging, putting deals together, working with talent, union and in collaboration with top theatrical agencies. Strong relationships, and work ethic, deals well with all types of personalities including overly aggressive, not so kind, broken people who like to play the power game. You however are a peace keeper. You can negotiate and maneuver through the storm and bring peace back into the room even when others are not behaving well. It’s a tough biz you know. 2. JUNIOR AGENT. Strong communication and organizational skills, servant heart, hard work ethic, able to work long hours. You may not have the experience of a top agent but you have the drive and determination to become one of the best in the industry. Must be honest yet driven, strong but a peacekeeper. If interested please SUBMIT HERE.

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