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CEG Update & 3/5 Movie Screening & Social Event

In this CEG Newsletter:


Hello CEG family and friends! I'm sure you have noticed things have been quieter this last year with CEG. We've continued to meet regularly for bible study and virtual community groups but things have slowed down - for a reason. It's not CEG slowing down it has beeen due to a serious health issue I've been facing. CEG is still very alive and kicking! We are slowly starting back up programs again including social events starting this Saturday with a free CEG Pop Up Event in Sherman Oaks. It's a premiere week screening of the anti-bullying film, Butter. Plus there will be a social gathering afterwards. We do hope to see you! More info is below including how to get your free screening tickets.

I haven't meant to leave everyone in the lurch. The health issue that came up was quite unexpected and took my breath away. I was in the ICU for several months and then in and out again for the last six months with lung cancer. What was thought to be a small spot on my lung ended up being large and my full left lung removal, open heart surgery and mass wrapped around my vocal chord issue. Chemo was rough. I've just gotten out of the hospital again. One thing, one person has been stable, my strength and support every step of the way - God. Really, in those darkest times where I couldn't even talk... the only thing I could remember was the Lord's prayer. There was only God and me... I imagine that same feeling at the end of life on earth. I'm still on the journey, deep in prayer, bible study and keeping my eyes on Him. I know and believe he is healing me. When things weren't looking so good - still I've found peace in my relationship with Christ... unexplainable peace. When things seem impossible, know that God is with you. He meets you right where you are and is with you no matter what you are going through. I'm in awe of God whose love is so great we can put our complete trust in Him. We know that He will heal us in His time and His way. God is with you right now even and especially when we've hit rock bottom. God is there with you, walking right beside you. It is that fact alone, that enables us to be faithful during the storms of our life. And because He loves us, He will surely take care of us. God cherishes our faithfulness, the intimate relationship we can have with him when we keep our eyes on Him even during the storm.

I pray that you have not been going through a storm of late, but if you have, I pray you know the love God has for you and the relationship we can have with Him... one that brings unexplainable peace. During the storms, it is crucial to remember what Jesus told us in MATHEW 11:28. "Come to Me, all you who are weary and, burdened, and I will give you rest."

So, CEG is still alive and kicking. As we are able to keep jumping back into more of what we've done in the past we will continue to reach out. In the mean time we hope to see you virtually for Bible Study and community groups.... and this Saturday for our CEG Pop Up Party - movie premiere and social.

Blessings and love,

CEG Suzy Sachs


Join us this Saturday LIVE! for a casual, fun gathering! CEG Pop Up Party -FREE movie premiere week screening of "Butter" the movie and social gathering afterwards.


BUTTER tells the story of Marshall (Alex Kersting), a teen who has been obese for most of his life. Stars Mira Sorvino (Shining Vale, I Still Believe, American Crime Story, Modern Family), McKaley Miller (Ma, 911 Crime Story). Butter feels ostracized at home and has been bullied at school, which is where he was given the nickname "Butter." As a result, he feels the only way to end his suffering is to die by eating himself to death on live camera.

No host refreshments available at Starbucks, Ben and Jerry's, Cheesecake Factory, Wings. Please RSVP and a confirmation will be sent to you with ticket information. We hope to see you! RSVP HERE.


CEG Bible Study groups are wrapping up the season's study - Francis Chan's Crazy Love on how to really live and love like Jesus in a hands-on way... more than talking about it... really diving in to do so. Join us starting Saturday March 5th for our next study on Discipleship - Francis Chan's study called . CEG Bible Study currently meets the first and third Saturday of the month. SIGN UP HERE.

Purchase the book - DISCIPLESHIP HERE

We do encourage you to purchase the book but it is not mandatory to join in. Need help purchasing a book? Reach out to us. We are happy to help.

Will you consider supporting CEG with your Amazon purchases including this book? If you sign up on Amazon, a percentage of your purchases will be donated to the Christian Entertainment Guild. Please follow the instructions below to select our non-profit, the Christian Entertainment Guild. SUPPORT CEG THROUGH AMAZON PURCHASES.

  1. Sign in to on your desktop or mobile phone browser.

  2. From your desktop, go to Your Account and select the option to Change your Charity. Or, from your mobile browser, select Change your Charity from the options at the bottom of the page.

  3. Select a new charitable organization to support - Christian Entertainment Guild. Thank you!


The CEG Outreach Team and CEG Mentorship Team are an awesome way to use your gifts and talents to serve through the arts! Join us as we serve God by serving disadvantaged youth, foster kids and teens, special abilities youth, yound adult foster teens who have aged out of the system through Googalie Moogalie Monster puppet shows, music ministry, singing, dance, drumming our hearts out for Jesus and more. Plus we have special mentorship programs including screenwriting, film making, and more. Prep meetings are virtual. Outreach dates tend to be on the weekends and mentorship dates tend to be weeknights. JOIN THE CEG OUTREACH TEAM OR MENTORSHIP TEAM HERE.


Screenwriters looking to build credits and “break in” to the world of professional writing often find themselves in a catch 22 where it seems impossible to get an agent or attention of a production company because they have no credits. One step that goes a long way is having resources that are trusted and known for giving reliable feedback and recommendations to vet your script. CEG offers CEG Services for script coverage which can be helpful feedback prior to competition submissions. Scripts are also considered for qualifying as “CEG Recommended.” CEG SERVICES.

CEG’s 2022 recommendations for screenplay competitions are:


  1. KAIROS The primary purpose of the Kairos Prize is to further the influence of moral and spiritual values within the film and television industries. Seeking to promote a spiritually uplifting, redemptive worldview, the prize was founded to inspire first-time and beginning screenwriters to produce compelling, entertaining, spiritually uplifting scripts that result in a greater increase in either man’s love or understanding of God. PRIZE: $15,000. 1st deadline 9/30 Final deadline 10/30 GUIDELINES. SUBMIT.

  2. ICFF (International Christian Film & Music Festival) International Christian Film Festival, Inc is a Not-For-Profit Organization that started on September 15, 2011.  The goal from the very beginning is to put God first in all that we do and secondly to elevate, educate and promote Christian filmmakers and artists around the world.  We provide a platform where anyone can submit their faith and/or family film, documentary, and music.  The team of 10 judges would select the best submissions to receive awards during the festival.  ICFF (International Christian Film and Music Festival) is open to everyone. Enter starting 5/1. Late Deadline 1/21. ABOUT ICFF.

  3. CONTENT 2021 Film festival and media summit. Equipping and Networking Christian Filmmakers and Communicators. Early bird deadline 10/31. Event dates: February 28 – March 2, 2022. ABOUT CONTENT 2022.

  4. BRANSON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Branson IFF is a Christian, faith-based, family friendly festival. All films are free of nudity, profanity, and sexual content.  The festival is designed to educate, equip, and empower Christian Filmmakers from around the world, right here in the heartland of the United States. Festival dates April 21-23rd. BIFF.

As Christian film makers and screenwriters reaching excellence in our crafts allows us to share stories that portray the true nature of who Christ is in a way that can be relevant within pop culture. This means we need to strive for excellence at the same level or above those who are not Christians in entertainment. Entering and placing in a top secular screenwriting competition helps producers, distributors, investors to vet your work. Feedback, awards for your writing show that more than family and friends enjoyed your story. Before you submit you can acquire CEG Script Coverage to help get you work towards your highest potential. CEG SERVICES. CEG’s 2022 recommendations for TOP SECULAR SCREENWRITING COMPETITIONS

  1. PAGE INTERNATIONAL SCREENWRITING AWARDS PISA’s goal is to discover some of the most talented upcoming screenwriters from around the world and introduce them to Hollywood executives. Industry judges evaluate and read script submissions searching for the best new screenplays and teleplays. Each year many participants are signed to top agencies, have projects optioned or are hired to be writers. Grand prize is $25,000. Early entry 1/15. Late entry 5/15. PISA

  2. NICHOLL FELLOWSHIP The Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting is an international screenwriting competition established to identify and encourage talented new screenwriters. Up to five $35,000 fellowships are awarded each year to promising new screenwriters. From the program’s inception in 1986 through 2020, 181 fellowships totaling $4.75 million have been awarded. Deadline May. NICHOLL FELLOWSHIP.

  3. SAVE THE CAT SCREENPLAY CHALLENGE Our approach is simple: a screenplay competition that uses the same language the writer, the reader, and the decision makers use when analyzing your work. Accepting both feature film and 60-minute TV scripts. Grand Prize Winner(s)3-day trip to LA ($600), 3-night hotel stay ($1200), Live table read to bring your work to life, A real pitch to a production company in LA.STCSC

  4. SCREENCRAFT Juries, Prizes, and Readers tailored to your genre and format to best get your project noticed by Hollywood professionals. Numerous competitions in many different genres and formats. Early deadline 09/30. Later deadlines 10/31 – some later. Numerous prizes, cash, or finishing funds. SCREENCRAFT

  5. AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL Austin Film Festival has been catapulting writers into life-changing careers. With one of the most noteworthy competitions among Hollywood tastemakers, AFF consistently yanks newcomers from the isolation of their desks and ushers them into the bustling world of film and television. Whether your dream is to sign a contract, land an agent, learn from an industry icon, or take home the coveted Bronze Typewriter Award, it’s simple: you can’t win if you don’t enter. Screenplays and teleplays. Early bird deadline is March. Late deadline is May. AFF


Industry requests and reads our winners and finalists. Over $10,000 in cash prizes awarded to writers. Screenplays, shorts, television pilots. Grand Prize Winner will receive $5,000. Deadline 10/11. BLUE CAT

7. SUNDANCE LAB There is a competitive application process to be included in various Sundance programs for writers. The development track has one open application that allows your fiction feature work-in-progress screenplay to be considered for the following programs, fellowships, and grants: Screenwriters Lab (held annually in January), Screenwriters Intensive (held annually in March), Sundance Institute Comedy Fellowship, Alfred P. Sloan Commissioning Grant and Fellowship (for projects with scientific and/or technological content). SUNDANCE LAB


The Slam dance Screenplay Competition is dedicated to discovering and nurturing emerging screenwriters. The competition has a strong track record for introducing writers to members of the entertainment industry who have gone on to produce, option, and represent submitted work. The Screenplay Competition is a place for new, bold, and raw voices. We are looking for scripts that take risks, refuse compromise, and go places where Hollywood fears to tread. Prizes total $16,000. Grand Prize winner will receive $8,000 in cash. Submissions open in February. Late deadline is July. SLAM DANCE 9. LA INTERNATIONAL SCREENWRITING

Features, TV pilots or shorts may be submitted. Says “submit your screenplay to get it in front of Oscar and Emmy winning judges.” I would imagine this would be true for finalists. Enter Sept 16. Final deadline January 6. LASCREENPLAYAWARDS


Creative World Awards is a leading international screenwriting contest well known for having the writer’s interest at heart when it comes to development and industry promotion. The CWA vision is to help writers garner the exposure, development, and recognition they need to propel their projects and careers forward.  Early submission in November. Late submissions into January. Prize: Special thanks to this year’s sponsors for a prize package worth over $30,000. Grand prize winner - $3,000 cash plus opportunity to have their winning script produced into short / promotional film. CREATIVE WORLD AWARDS.


It's time to jump back into CEG's writing program. Spring session starts the week of March 28th! Whether you are a beginning screenwriter needing to dive in to build a solid foundation in screenwriting or someone who has been through the CEG Institute's Writing Program - learning the fundamentals of screenwriting and continually working towards excellence in our crafts is super important.

Screenwriting 101 is a great place to start. And, once you've received confirmation that you know the fundamentals of screenwriting, Screenwriting Re-Write is the perfect place to work on perfecting your screenplay. Perfection? Yes, working hard at the stories God has entrusted you with includes working hard to make them the best possible. Excellence is a way we can honor God. REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW. Follow the link for descriptions and sign up. You may also apply for financial aid if needed. REGISTER NOW.


We are thankful to those of you in the industry who want to provide opportunity for CEG family to be considered for positions within faith based or secular projects led by CEG members. Your support and sharing of your project opportunities is a huge blessing and sometimes make it possible for those pursuing their dreams in the industry to stay in town. In addition, we love to help build faith based production teams and add in others as needed to help make sure you have the strongest team possible. We've done it across the country. Have submissions for CEG Job Postings that are paid? CONTACT

Please note we are not able to respond to all of the crew or talent submissions received. Though you may think your submission may not have gone through our website typically it has - sometimes many times. If you are a potential match to the production needs you may be contacted by CEG or the production team diretly.


1. GRAPHIC DESIGNER. Experience with key art in feature film marketing and promotion including movie posters, and covers. Please submit two samples of work. Start as soon as possible. Open to all locations and working virtually. PAY: Moderate. PAID Please submit samples as soon as possible

2. COPYWRITER FOR FILM AND TV TAGLINES AND PROMOTION. The tagline can drive a marketing campaign for a film or TV pilot or show. We are looking for someone who understands the importance of this specialized writing. Looking for fresh, sassy, lively, catchy writing. Please send two or more samples. Open to all locations and working virtually. PAY: PAID. Please submit samples as soon as possible

3. LOCATION SCOUT: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle. Seeking three separate Location Scouts to work as local hires for a feature film, period piece set in 1911. Please submit resume as soon as possible. PAY: PAID

4. COSTUME DESIGNER FOR DEVELOPMENT CONSULTATION. Feature film seeks costume designer for consultation on a Victorian era feature film. Must be very experienced. Open to all locations. PAY: PAID Please submit work samples as soon as possible

5. EDITOR: Seeking editor for film set in 1940’s. Passion project. Strong faith film. Please submit links to work as soon as possible. Location: Open PAY: PAID, lower.

6. PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: faith films production company seeks Production Assistants for office work in the Los Angeles area. Must have own transportation and solid recommendations. PAY: PAID Please submit as soon as possible.

7. FAITH FILMS COMPANY SEEKS PRODUCTION ASSISTANT - local hire to Thousand Oaks/Calabasas area of Los Angeles. Must have own transportation. Please submit resume as soon as possible.

8. ENTERTAINMENT MINISTRY SEEKS PART TIME ASSISTANT for miscellaneous office duties. Must be familiar with Power Point, word, Zoom, basic editing of website, social media, and be tech savy. Please submit resume as soon as possible.

CEG is a 501c3 non-profit ministry. With your ongoing faithful support, we can continue to serve in entertainment as a ministry through our uplifting and encouraging community groups, bible study, fellowship, larger group worship events, outreach through the arts working with disadvantaged youth, special abilities kids, as well as foster kids, teens and young adults, mentorship programs and more. We serve an amazing God through the arts and using our gifts to honor Him. Art allows us to creatively share who Christ is and live and love like Jesus. Join us in supporting the CEG ministry. GIVE NOW.


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