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March 2017 – Christian Entertainment Guild News

Yesterday Today Production Update

3/1 1 CEG Production Event:  The filming of Yesterday Today

CEG premiere screening of The Shack  –  read the review

Join the CEG Production Team – docudrama and commercials in production

CEG seeks writers

Yesterday Today Production Update

The Christian Entertainment Guild production team has completed principal photography on the docudrama feature, Yesterday Today. This beautiful docudrama set primarily in the late forties and early fifties goes back to the roots of evangelism through the life and ministry of Henrietta Mears to discover what it is about the gregarious “Teacher” that drew hundreds into life time ministries and thousands to Christ. Production was completed recently at a shoot at Forest Home in Forest Falls, CA. Pickups will be shot on Saturday, March 11th at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.  Scenes that were cut during the shoot dates at Forest Home due to weather conditions and other pickups will be shot at FPCH.  Full crew and cast needed Saturday March 11 from 9 am to 6pm including extras. If you are interested in being a part of this shoot please contact

CEG hosted a premiere of The Shack , January 11th

On Monday, January 11th the Christian Entertainment Guild was a host of the premiere of The Shack for faith leaders and film makers. The event took place at Muvico theaters in Thousand Oaks, CA.  Film producers Gil Netter (Life of Pi) and his co-producer and wife Lani as well as writer Wm. Paul Young spoke in a panel discussion about the journey in the bringing to life the story of The Shack to the big screen. The Shack arrives in theaters this coming Friday, March 3, 2017. CEG encourages the support of this film created by faith film makers by going to opening night screenings across the country and sharing on social media. A trailer is available for viewing at: Tickets are available now

The Shack – a magical journey of discovery.

I have not read the book, The Shack, so my first impression of it is based on someone without any expectations or pre-conceptions. My first reaction was that the portrayal of God the Father or “Papa” as a black woman played by Octavia Spencer made me mad.  How could you possibly portray God as a black woman? Jesus, the son of God was played by a middle-eastern man and an ethereal Asian woman portrayed the Holy Spirit. My second impression – new age.  “Now what have I gotten myself and many others into?”

As the story progressed it began to stir up all kinds of emotions in me especially related to forgiveness. I paid attention to the symbolism, the words, the interactions. I am a Christian. Does this idea of forgiving those that persecute, assault or harm you go against the portrayal of who God really is?  How are these 3 characters portraying Christ?  How could a black woman, a middle eastern man and an Asian woman really portray the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three in one?  As the story continued I began to piece it all together and finally realized, The Shack is an allegory. It isn’t some new age portrayal of faith. It is a metaphorical story about God’s personality as revealed in Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If The Shack was created for the intent of portraying what Christians already know, that Christ is the son of God, that story is there but we’ve all heard it and seen it told more overtly before.  However, if you are a non-believer or someone questioning and seeking answers on who is God and you go into this film with open eyes, I believe you will be prompted by the Holy Spirit to seek to understand who God is and how He transforms your life.  You will leave wanting to know more about God and his son.

I ask you this question, as Christians who are story tellers, do you want to share who Christ is with non-believers? Then this must be done through excellent storytelling. Overt messages will not draw the attention of non-believers or even those seeking to know who Christ is. The Shack is an example of excellent storytelling because it doesn’t tell the audience how to think, it tells them a story that reveals the nature of Christ and allows the audience to ponder what that means to them.


“It was incredible.”– Michael W. Smith, Grammy-Award Winning, Platinum-selling music artist

“Profound and creative.”– Dick Rolfe, Co-Founder & CEO of The Dove Foundation

“I would encourage all pastors to make sure that their congregation is able to see this movie.”– Bishop Charles Blake, COGIC

“A cinematic poem!”– Sr. Rose Pacatte, Pauline Center for Media Studies

“Deeply moving and inspiring.”– Joel Houston, Hillsong United

“A poignant allegory revealing God’s personality and the true nature of Christ in a thought provoking, beautiful story.” Suzy Sachs, Co-Founder of the Christian Entertainment Guild

“An amazing piece of work.”– Jonathan Landrum Jr., The Associated Press

“There has never been a film that has captured these questions better.”– Pastor Sam Rodriguez, President National Hispanic Christian Leadership Coalition

“I want to KNOW God like that! Powerful.”– Chip Gaines, Host of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”

“The Shack is a gift.”– Dr. Jamal Bryant, Empowerment Temple, Baltimore

“Hollywood finally got it right! ”– Bishop IV Hilliard, Houston TX

“I fought back tears at least four times. LOVE this film!”– Kevin Porter, The Christian Post

“Deep and heavily metaphorical. A healing mechanism.”– LaToya Cross, Sr Editor Entertainment & Culture, Ebony Magazine

“WOW. Forget everything you think about Christian movies. This is art. This is the one.”– Faron Dice, Chief Content Officer, Way-FM Network

“Absolutely beautiful!”– The Crouch Family, TBN

“Far beyond a Movie… Inspiring, Heartfelt, Meaningful.”– Rita Cosby, Emmy-Winning TV/Radio Host

“This film will surprise people. Its power comes from the simplicity and genuineness of the story.”– Jeff Nesbit, US News and World Report

The Christian Entertainment Guild is a team of Christians coming together to support each other in our faith journey as well as to become better film makers and entertainment creators. CEG Production Team currently produces live content, promotional materials, and other large scale projects as selectively chosen. We support the development of many projects outside of what is created within the group. CEG is currently seeking professionals in the industry who are interested in mentoring and sharing their gifts to help other Christians become better film makers and content creators. Whether you are an apprentice or interested in being mentored or a part of the team we would love for you to join the team. For more information please contact:


The Christian Entertainment Guild is currently seeking writers to participate in a variety of projects including comedy, social media, and screenwriting.

Please submit writing sample to

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