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Disney’s Kickin It. Co-Producer/Writer over 150 episodes of Third Rock From The Sun. Creator/Writer – Nickelodeon’s How To Rock. Creator/Writer – Tracy Morgan Show. Producer – Grounded For Life. CEG mentor and development workshop leader.

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Fairly Odd Parents. Bunsen Is A Beast. Danny Phantom.Doogal.CEG animation program mentor and leader.

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Angus Benfield

Producer, writer, director, Actor

Meet Me In Miami, Holy Rollers, The Strongest Man Alive. Motorvation, Heaven. Actor – Kaitangata , Twitch (regular), NCIS (guest). Instructor – NYFA – Australia CEG Institute mentor and instructor.

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Disney’s Kickin It, Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Anything, GrowingPains, All Of Us, Sister Sister,Hanging With Mr. Cooper, CEG Live!CEG mentor.

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The new (2021) Space Jam!

Tom & Jerry

Scooby Doo



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Development Producer, Writer, Director, CEG Ministry Leader and mentor. 

Veteran in entertainment with a focus on family and faith based films. Ms. Sachs has developed numerous TV pilots, produced films,attached name talent to numerous projects and cast major motion pictures.

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Director, Producer

Scoobs, Scooby Doo.Space JamTom & JerryThe Looney Tunes Show

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Producer, Writer

Wes is known for his creative content and gift for writing edgy family adventure animation projects as well as faith based content including quite a few episodes of Veggie Tales. He is a diverse writer producer in both animation and feature films. Wes’ most recent film, Church People is soon to be released (with Erin Cahill, William Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin, Chynna Phillips and Joey Fatone) as well as two other films he has in pre-production with Damascus Road Productions (Fall 2020).


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