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Autumn 2018 Newsletter – CEG Revival Announced, CEGYA begins 11/3 plus more

In this newsletter:

Autumn update from CEG

Erwin Brothers Announce New Studio

CEG Live! – Revival! – SAVE THE DATE

Talent Call (dancers, singers, musicians, visual artists)

Join a NEW CEG Community Group

CEGYA Kicks Off Saturday November 3rd.

CEG 1/2 Hour Comedy TV Writers Program Selects Finalists!

Join the CEG Production Team

CEG Review – God Friended Me

We are excited to announce CEG’s revival is coming in the new year! Many of you have been following and engaged in our devotions on social media on REVIVAL the last seven months. As you know, we have been in a season of studying how God revives us personally, spiritually and within our industry. This study will continue through the new year and include us celebrating Jesus during the month of December. If you are not connected with us on social media yet (or if you are : ) we would love to see you there. We hope zhese devotion bible studies will encourage you in your journey as a Christian in entertainment. The primary place we connect is through our Instagram account. Come join us! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

The new CEG Community groups are kicking off in just one week with CEGYA. This is a special group for young adults in the entertainment industry. CEGYA will meet the first and third Saturdays of everything month in Westlake Village. More Community groups are forming for writers, talent and production people. We are excited to come alongside you in your journey as a Christian in entertainment. More details on how to join are below.

We’ve got a special two day revival event planned for the New Year and would love to get you involved behind the scenes as talent (dancer, singer) or production support. Let’s band together! Keep reading through our newsletter and keep on joining our great big faith family for devotions, bible study, worship, learning, teaching, growing together in our faith and being a support in our journey within the entertainment industry. We hope to see you very soon!

Blessings and much love,

Hunington and Suzy

Founders, Christian Entertainment Guild

Erwin Brothers Announce New Studio

After the huge success of their recent film, “I Can Only Imagine,” the Erwin’s have “been able to dream big over the last few months and really dream about how to reach a generation.” I Can Only Imagine” grossed $83 million at the box office creating an opportunity to consider what God would like the Erwin’s to do with the resources he has given them. “If the goal is really to capture the imagination of a generation, then it’s bigger than one content creator and one film. It has to be an initiative that would unite multiple filmmakers under a banner brand.” The Erwin brothers are about to announce their new projects and new production company called “Kingdom” – what is being called, a “Christian Pixar.” This notion of “dream big, dream bold, dream the impossible” was instilled in them for many years from their father. Today, the Erwin brothers believe movies are one of the most highly influential mediums to impact culture and spread the gospel. They believe, “Culturally it has to be a group initiative.” Instead of having small groups out there trying to make it on their own, we need to band together.

CEG Live! – Revival Announced


It’s revival time for Christians in entertainment! SAVE THE DATE. Sunday evening January 20th CEG Live! Revival is happening at Calvary Community Church. 5495 Via Rocas, Westlake Village, CA 91362. RSVP now!

5:00pm DINNER and social

6:00 PM Worship and the word

7:00 PM CEG Studio talk show with veterans in entertainment sharing their faith journey and teaching us to become better story tellers and content creators.

Talent Call

Dancers, choreographeres, singers, musicians, composers, arrangers, organizers and visual artists join the CEG Revival team! Several teams are forming in preparation for the Christians in entertainment revival happening on January 19th and 20th in Westlake Village. Dancers and choreographers can join in a group dance or praise flag team. Musicians including horns, drummers, guitar players, keyboardists, composers, conductors, arrangers, producers and more will be coming together in two teams performing January 19th or January 20th. Singers join a gospel choir. Visual artists share your revival themed art. Come share your talents for the glory of God!! Sign up now! Rehearsal will be on Saturdays beginning in November. Let’s unite as Christians in entertainment for revival! Sign up now!

Join a CEG Community Group

CEG Community Groups are the heartbeat of our ministry providing an opportunity for fellowship, worshiping together, growing in our personal relationship with Jesus, coming together to support each other and sharing our talents in peer-to-peer mentorships with like minded Christians in entertainment. CEG groups are meeting in various locations across Los Angeles. We would love to come alongside you in your faith journey within the entertainment industry and also make sure you are plugged into a church near you. CEGYA kicks off November 3rd plus more community groups are forming now for all age writers, dancers, production, talent, and more. Sign up now! Why? Because we need community, fellowship and Jesus(!) on our journey within the entertainment industry. We need to band together! Sign Up to be a part of a community group or support one.

CEGYA Kicks of Saturday November 3rd

CEGYA, a young adults community group for Christians in entertainment kicks off Saturday November 3rd. CEGYA will meet the first and third Saturday of every month starting 6:30 PM in Westlake Village. Join us for small group bible study, fellowship and peer-to-peer mentorship where you can share what you are working on. If you are a writer share your script. A song writer, spoken word artist, poet, or rapper bring it! A comedian, stand up! A musician or composer? We want to hear it. If you are an actor share your monologue or scene before you audition for an agent, manager or project. Whatever you are working on share it in peer-to-peer mentorship. Together we can be a support to each other in our faith journey witihn the industry and help each other to be the best we can be. CEGYA is kicking off now! Register now. A confirmation and additional location information will be sent to you after you have registered.

CEG 1/2 Hour Comedy TV Writers Program Selects Finalists

Beginning in June, 2018 fifty Christian writers signed up to participate in a mentorship program through the CEG 1/2 Hour Comedy TV Writers Program. Through the project, show runner and comedic writer, creator, Jim O’ who created Disney’s Kikin It, the Tracy Mrgan Show, Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Anything, wrote over 300 episodes of TV including over one hundred episodes of Third Rock From The Sun led the workshop. Others included TV Producer of over six hundred episodes of TV – Joey Scott, and CEG founders Hunington S. (entertainment attorney) and Suzy S. (development producer, director).

Through the workshop process participants learned the in’s and out’s of working with a professional show runner, and how to develop comedic pilot scripts. Writers had the opportunity to submit their pilot scripts for development consideration by Jim O’, Scott and the Sachses. 8 semi-finalists were chosen. Those semi-finalists were Ben Davies, Tina Lucarelli, James Burns, VC Rhone, Nia Campbell, Mduduzi Sibanda. They included and even went into the Writers Room. Two finalists were selected by the team. Both of those scripts have moved into development.

CEG Production Group

Banding together, keeping our eyes on God and sharing the gifts and talents God has given us allows God to work supernaturally through us to do things we never could on our own. Together, we are supporting the development of projects that portray the true nature of Christ. Our focus is on projects that reach a broad audience and have the potential to be significant within pop culture. In addition we have ongoing ministry projects including a docu-feature in post production that is on the life and ministry of Henrietta Mears. There are many opportunities to get involved in a way that is unique to your strengths. If you are veteran who can mentor awesome. If you are recent film school grad, great! If you’ve been in the industry for quite a few years cool. We need you. Send us information on your strengths and the resources you are willing to share. Join now.

God Friended Me – CEG Review

CEG attended a premiere of “God Friended Me” in Burbank prior to its release. God Friended me was co-created by Showrunners Bryan Wynbrandt and Steven Lilien (“Alcatraz”, “Gotham” and “Hawaii Five-O”), working with mega-producer Greg Berlanti. The television show made its debut Sunday, September 30th, and continues to air on Sunday evenings at 8:30pm/7:30 Central on CBS.

God Friended Me is about how God uses ordinary people to help each other – and even making some unexpected connections along the way. It’s relevant because it provides a voice for both the believer and the non-believer, and encourages civil dialogue, a tone our entire country needs right now. The show was written by writing partners Wynbrandt adn Berlanti who have diverse beliefs. One is an atheist, the other a Christian. Is this the type of storytelling that will help to portray the true nature of Christ within pop culture? Time will tell. We’d love to hear what you think on social media. Read the full artlice HERE.

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