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June Newsletter: Watch CEG’s interview with Andrew Erwin & New CEG Writer’s Program

  1. IN THIS NEWSLETTER: Update From CEG Leader – Suzy

  2. CEG Live! Interview With Andrew Erwin – Watch Now!

  3. CEG Launches Writers Development Program

  4. Crew Call

  5. CEG Summer Barbecue – August 1 – Update

  6. Register now for new community groups starting in September (talent, writers, entertainment pros, dancers, musicians++)

  7. CEG Care Team & Community Group Leaders meeting – July 25th

  8. Serve With CEG

  9. Donate

Hello CEG Family I hope this CEG update finds you in good health.. physically, mentally and spiritually. It is in times like these whee it is ever so important to keep our eyes on God. In CEG Community Groups our bible verse for memorization is Philippians 4:8. I want to encourage you to memorize and mediate on God’s word. “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” We are Christians in entertainment and have the opportunity to bring a message of hope and love to the world through the highly influential medium of TV, film, multi-media; entertainment. Do not be distracted by the work of the enemy. Armor up. Dive deep into your relationship with Jesus and keep your eyes on God, seek His word and will, get into community groups and get to work writing and creating projects that portray the true nature of who Christ is in a way that is relevant within pop culture.

We were blessed to have our first ever VIRTUAL CEG Live! event a few weeks ago with special guest, Andrew Erwin of the Erwin Brothers – producer, writer, director of I Can Only Imagine, I Still Beleive, October Baby, Woodlawn and more.You can view and share the Andy Erwin interview on our CEG website now or follow the link to Youtube and leave a message of support. Andrew and Jonathan’s latest movie I Still Believe, the true-life story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp and his journey of love and loss that looks to prove there is always hope is available for purchase or VOD. If you were one of the thousands viewing the CEG interview live you know Andy’s film, I Still Believe released during the beginning stages of the COVID storm.

As you know, CEG is a great big faith family of Christians in entertanment. We are blessed in many ways including by veterans in the industry who want to support our development as writers and creators of content that portrays the true nature of who Christ is in a way that is relevant withing pop culture. A recent workshop we held last year with a TV show runner helped to identify a strong need we have within our great big faith family community to help each other in the development of our storytelling skills and the stories God has given many of you and placed on your hearts. How awesome it is to be given this opportunity to work with show runners, producers and creators of content that reach broad audiences with messages of hope. In order to better prepare our writers, CEG is excited to announce the kickoff of its CEG Writers Development Program. Starting this summer you can develop your script with the support of a CEG member. Registration is open now. Check it out!

We are hoping the CEG Summer Barbecue scheduled for August 1 will happen. We hope to see you then if not sooner through Zoom!

Blessings and love to you! Suzy and the CEG family

CEG LIVE! INTERVIEW WITH ANDREW ERWIN – WATCH NOW! Andrew Erwin of the Erwin Brothers and Kingdom Studios has directed, produced and written stories of redemption and hope with a strong emphasis on their faith roots. Through their film making they hope to impact culture and spread the gospel in such recent films as I Can Only Imagine, I Still Believe, Woodlawn, October Baby and Mom’s Night Out. In the Christian Entertainment Guild’s recent CEG Live! event Andy shared his faith journey as well as how he went from the football fields as a camera man to producing faith films reaching a broad audience such as I Can Only Imagine that grossed over $83 million at the box office and I Still Believe which is currently released on VOD or can be purchased through venues such as Target, Amazon, Walmart and more. In the interview Erwin says, “It’s not all about me.” Watch the interview and share it.

CEG is pleased to announce the launch of the CEG Institute, a place to grow and develop the stories, talents and dreams God has entrusted you with. Starting now you can register for classes or development services to help you in the development of your scripts and stories. For the new and not-so-new storytellers; take your craft to another level by learning from top writers, show-runners, and other industry professionals.Registration for the CEG writers track is open now. Call us at 818-697-0222 or send us an email note if you have questions.

Screenwriting 101 Screenwriting 201 Screenwriting 202 Screenwriting 203 Screenwriting 204 – The Story Bible Animation Writing 101 Animation Writing 201 Animation Writing – 202 – Development & Pitching Parable Writing – Screenwriting 207 True To Life Writing The Re-Write Comedy & Sketch Writing 101 TV Writing

CREW CALL On behalf of our great big faith family, the Christian Entertainment Guild wants to say a huge “thank you to the many entertainment companies, producers, directors, production coordinators, managers and more who continue to reach out to us for referrals and to provide opportunities within our community. Many of those opportunities are not posted publicly. Thank you. Thank you. There are people within our community who have been able to stay and pursue their dreams within entertainment as a ministry because of the opportunities you have given them.” Have a project you are currently working on? We have veterans in the industry who can pre-screen submissions for any crew, cast, production or other entertainment positions for you. We’ve been out across the states builing crews and teams this last year and are here to help. Contact us for more info.

PAID – PUGTASTIC VOYAGE – PROOF OF CONCEPT SHOOT SEEKS CREW FOR STILL PHOTO SHOOT INCLUDING: Production Designer Prop Master Still Photographer Lighting Director Costume Designer Hair & Makeup Artist Production Assistant Craft Services This is a ultra low budget shoot created for the purpose of pitching one of the final projects that came up through the CEG 1/2 Hour Comedy Writing Development Program. Shoot date is expected to be within the next 3 weeks. However, the date may fluctuate depending on the state of our country and restrictions in our community. This will shoot in the Westlake Village, CA area. To be considered for the positions please submit your resume and a link to your work (if applicable). Pleaes note the position you are applying to and SUBMIT HERE.

PAID – FAITH BASED ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY SEEKS PART-TIME ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 2 years entertainment Industry experience. We are looking for self motivated individuals who are highly organized with the ability to multi task. You will be responsible for answering busy phones,managing scheduling, and other assistants. Please note if you have experience also in any of the following programs: Movie Magic Bugeting, Movie Magic Scheduling, Final Draft, Power Point, Excel. Apply today for immediate consideration. Pay is hourly, part-time with some flexibility in scheduling. Please note the project you are applying to and SUBMIT HERE.

PAID – FAITH BASED ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY SEEKS ANIMATION WRITER Whether you’ve written adult animation stories, family or children’s films or 1/2 hour shows, we would love to learn more about you. faith based entertainment company is seeking a work for hire writer to help bring to life an existing story concept. Must be experienced and able to lead a group of writers, know all aspects of creating and developing an animation script. This is a short term project. Please submit log line, synopsis and full script for consideration. We want to know your concept and hook within the logline. We will narrow our selection from the synopsis and logline, so you’ll want to impress and grab us with those elements. If you have a show bible, art, character designs, pitch materials, etc, please include that with your submission as well. But it’s okay if not. This position is paid. Please note in your submission the project you are applying to and include “animation writer” on submission. APPLY TO THIS POSITION NOW.

PAID – FAITH BASED ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY SEEKS PARANORMAL / HORROR FEATURE FILM WRITER Faith leader production company seeks supernatural screenwriter to write a full length feature script based on a true story. The project is targeted at a secular audience and includes supernatural content, battles of the soul and in the end a redemptive message. This is not necessarily a faith film in the traditional sense, but God light’s the way out of the darkness and into a new life of hope and salvation.

This is a paid position as a work for hire writer. Non-union. Pay is to be negotiated based on credits. Starts as soon as a decision has been made on a writer and contracts are in place (next couple of weeks). Please confirm availability. To be considered, please submit a writing sample, log line, synopsis, and completed script. In your submission be sure to note – “supernatural feature writer.”

CEG SUMMER BARBECUE – SATURDAY AUGUST 1ST CEG summer barbecue is planned for Saturday August first from two to five PM in Westlake Village. This is a light, fun, even of fellowship and getting to know some of your fellow Christians in entertainment. Friends and family are welcome. The CEG Summer Barbecue has been planned for August 1, 2020 for quite some time. Registration is still being accepted. As we get closer to the date we will know what the status of social distancing requirements are and update you. For now, the CEG Summer Barbecue is still being planned with social distancing and safety precautions in place. Register now!

CEG COMMUNITY GROUP SIGN UPS ARE OPEN NOW FOR SEPTEMBER START CEG Community Groups are the heartbeat of our ministry providing an opportunity for fellowship, worshiping together, growing in our personal relationship with Jesus, coming together to support each other and sharing our talents in peer-to-peer mentorships with like minded Christians in entertainment. CEG groups are meeting in various locations across Los Angeles. We would love to come alongside you in your faith journey within the entertainment industry and also make sure you are plugged into a church near you. CEG kicks off its community groups the week of September 14th. Ther are now opportunities to be a part of a community group either virtually through Zoom or in person in both Westlake Village, CA or North Hollywood. There are groups for entertainment professionals, talent, writers, dancers musicians and more. Sign up now! Why? Because we need community, fellowship and Jesus(!) on our journey within the entertainment industry. We need to band together! Sign Up to be a part of a community group or support one.

CEG CARE TEAM AND COMMUNITY GROUP LEADERS MEETING ON JULY TWENTY FIFTH One of the best ways to get connected within CEG is through serving. Many people say serving is where relationships are built and there we see the Holy Spirit at work in and among us. If you have a servant heart and are interested in possibly leading or co-leading a CEG community group with other Christians in entertainment we would love to hear from you. As community group leaders we meet together to talk through leading, preparing and what makes a great leader. When you lead, it is really about serving… having a servant heart. Join our next CEG Care Team & Community Group Leaders meeting via Zoom or in person in Westlake Village, CA. Saturday, June twenty fifth. 4:00 – 7:00 PM Pacific time. Meat at six PM for those meeting in person. Register now to learn more.

SERVE WITH CEG We love our community! Banding together, keeping our eyes on God and sharing the gifts and talents God has given us allows God to work supernaturally through us to do things we could never do on our own. Together, we are supporting the development of projects that portray the true nature of Christ.Together we are serving through the arts with special needs, foster and sick (cancer) kids. In addition we have ongoing ministry projects including a docu-feature in post production that is on the life and ministry of Henrietta Mears. There are many opportunities to get involved in a way that is unique to your strengths. If you are veteran who can mentor awesome. If you are recent film school grad, great! If you’ve been in the industry for quite a few years cool. We need you. Contact us for more information and Join us now!

CEG Outreach Team Prayer Team Care Team Production Team Hospitality Team

DONATE At CEG, we believe in being generous with our treasure, time, spiritual gifts and talents. Donating, giving is not just about giving financially. It is about sharing the resources, gifts, and talents God has givine us for the purpose of honoring Him. When you choose to give and serve, you choose to support a greater cause. The Bible says, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. It is amazing to see all that God is doing in and through us as we serve and come together as a great big faith family community of Christians in entertainment. Your donation to CEG will help us to continue serving through community groups, the arts in outreach programs to differently-abled, sick and foster kids and our large group worship events. When you give, you are supporting the ministry God has called us to as Christians in entertainment. Give now or CONTACT US if you’d like to have a conversation about supporting the CEG ministry.

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