CEG Googalie Moogalies

The following is a one sheet on the CEG Outreach Team Googalie Moogalies monster puppet shows.  This is the start of a story bible created for the purpose of encouraging others to write episodes to be used in interactive plays with differently-abled, sick/cancer and disadvantaged kids. Below you will also find a script sample titled Monster Mash that was used last year as the beginning of the monster puppet shows. You will see that not all characters from that pilot puppet show are included in the continuing episodes. Some character descriptions have also changed. Please review the materials below and bring your ideas for an episode or two to the writers room session.  The episode notes are starting points. Your ideas and creativity are encouraged. All ideas can be shared and then a decision will be made on which ones to move forward with at this time. We will create a couple of groups who will work together to write an episode. Thank you so much for participating in CEG’s serve day for writers and sharing your talent and gifts! See you soon!

Googalie Moogalies – One sheet 2020-2021

Monster Mash – David and Goliath 2.2