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Christian Entertainment Guild NEWSLETTER – September 2017

In this newsletter:

CEG GOES LIVE –  kickoff 10/22 at Calvary Community Church

CEG PREMIERE screening of A Question of Faith

CEG REVIEW – film review by CEG – A Question of Faith

CEG PREMIERE screening of The Stray

CEG PRODUCTION – Dream Big. Love More shoot.

JOIN A CEG TEAM – Production, Communications, Hospitality, Christian Ed, and more

CEG WORK PARTY– Sat. 9/16 or volunteer as available

FAITH COMMUNITY EVENTS –  Hope4Hollywood – Forgiveness Workshop, Hollywood Prayer Network – Studio Lot Prayer Walks


The Christian Entertainment Guild is pleased to announce its inaugural CEG LIVE event. Join us for worship, “the word,” and CEG Studio (live talk show).


6:00 – 9:00 PM


Our great big faith family goes live with CEG LIVE on Sunday, October 22nd, from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at Calvary Community Church, 5495 Via Rocas, Westlake Village, CA 91361.  Dinner is available from 6-7:00 pm. Worship begins at 7:00 pm. CEG LIVE is an energetic, faith filled every-other-month opportunity for our CEG family to come together for an evening of worship, “the word,” networking and professional development.  Each CEG Live evening starts with live music from our very own CEG band, our special guest pastor brings an entertainment-industry-specific message, and we then transition into CEG Filmmakers Studio, where industry pros share their insight and their faith journey, concluding with an opportunity to network with fellow industry mavens. The evening’s programming concludes at 9:00pm. Share this post! and be on the lookout for more details to be released on CEG LIVE over the next few weeks through our social media.


CEG has a rockin Christian Education Team working behind the scenes to bring the message of Christ’s love to our great big faith family of Christians in entertainment. This month, we kickoff our CEG bible study through social media. September and October studies theme is “dream big, love more.”

Robert Carpenter and Christin Jezak from our CEG Christian Education Team lead our studies for September and October with the themes of: Dream big. Love more. Dream so big, that it’s going to take God’s leading and our trusting and following Him in order for the dream to become a reality. It’s time to remember the DREAMS God put in your heart long ago. God has promised to start unleashing a media revolution in movies, music, television, and creativity for this generation, and He wants you to be a part of it. So DREAM BIG, REALLY BIG. God is moving in Hollywood and He has chosen YOU to help make His dreams come true. For when you help make His dreams come true, He will make your dreams come true too.


A QUESTION OF FAITH – CEG LEADERSHIP team attended the premiere screening of “A Question of Faith”, on August 22nd, 2017 in Los Angeles. The faith film distributed by Pure Flix releases September 29th on 600 screens across the U.S. Pure Flix founder, David AR White says, “Churches have been resonating with the film’s message and many are buying out multiple screens for opening.”

“A Question of Faith” features a moving storyline involving three families from different cultures, who live in the same community; they are complete strangers living vastly separate lives until a texting and driving accident thrusts them onto converging paths where they discover God’s love, forgiveness, grace and mercy. “God’s power is glorified in this film in a way I’ve personally not seen before,” said White. “Audiences will find themselves cheering, singing, crying and praising God when they watch this film.”

The accomplished cast includes Richard T. Jones (“Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married,” “Judging Amy”), Kim Fields (“Facts of Life”), C. Thomas Howell (“The Amazing Spiderman,” “E.T.”), Gregory Alan Williams (“Greenleaf,” “All Saints”), Jaci Velasquez (“I’m Not Ashamed,” Platinum Christian Recording Artist), and T.C. Stallings (“War Room,” “Courageous”).

Synopsis: In “A Question of Faith,” the lives of three families collide when two tragedies strike back to back. All three families find themselves at a crossroads, questioning their faith and the higher power that guides our destinies. Chance encounters with one another lead to a chain of events imminently bringing the families’ worlds closer together, until a moment of truth. But, when the connection is revealed, will the consequences of the aftermath bring them together or tear their faith apart?

Tickets are available now



CEG leadership was invited to attend a pre-release showing of A Question of Faith, which is opening in theatres on September 29, 2017.

This is a solid Christian film that depicts the struggles we have, even as mature Christians, in being forgiving. It is theologically sound and deals realistically with challenges in the Christian walk.  It is an entertaining but instructive movie, suitable for families, but exercise caution if you plan to bring very young children as it deals with the accidental death of a child.

The story involves the intersecting lives of three families who are strangers before a horrific accident brings them together in tragedy.

The story primarily focuses on the challenges faced by a pastor and his wife, dealing with grief and anger after a texting teenager kills their grade school son. They rollercoaster through difficult emotions which conflict with their desire to emulate God’s character of grace and forgiveness.

This female reviewer found the Pastor’s wife’s character very noteworthy, when in the face of her husband’s rage, she managed to maintain the delicate balance of alternatively urging him to trust God and in heeding her own advice and keeping her mouth shut, letting God handle the growth process the Pastor was going through.   Ultimately both proved to be excellent role models.

The movie initially feels a little overacted, but the actor soon warmed up and the story became gripping.


THE STRAY- Our CEG leadership team attended a special pre-screening of The Stray August 01, in Burbank, California. Above, Daniel Kelly from the CEG Christian Education Team and Suzy Sachs, CEG Founder are interviewed about this family friendly adventure, The Stray.

The Stray is a heartwarming family film written and directed by Mitch Davis (The Other Side of Heaven) based on a screenplay by Parker Davis with Ken Brailsford executive producing.

Set for release in select markets in the United States on October 6, 2017, The Stray tells the true story of how a one stray dog impacts a struggling family.

That stray dog is “Pluto” who comes out of nowhere and quickly makes himself at home with the Davis family, which is on the brink of falling apart. Dad (Michael Cassidy; Argo, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice ), is a career-driven personality who’s neglecting his marriage and family. Mom (Sarah Lancaster;  Everwood, The Judge) is at her wit’s end raising three young kids. The last thing they need is another mouth to feed. Or is it?

In just a short time with the Davis family, Pluto the “wonderdog” manages to save a lost toddler, bring comfort and companionship to a hurting 9-year-old boy (Connor Corum; Heaven is for Real), help restore a marriage, and repair a broken father-son relationship.  Pluto is not only a guard dog – he’s a guardian angel.

The Stray received the Dove Family Approved seal for its portrayal of positive values and is a film you can take your entire family to see.

The Stray is a heartwarming family movie that is wonderfully entertaining, while teaching about love for a pet, love of family and making time for family,” said Donna Rolfe, Dove Foundation.

“It’s really not a stretch to say that Pluto gave me my life back,” said Mitch Davis. “He saved me and my family in more ways than one. And although The Stray reflects my personal story, I know there are countless families across America who could say the same thing about a pet that greatly impacted them with its unconditional love – which is why I hope families will see this film together.”

Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely places. Sometimes our prayers get answered in strange ways. Sometimes one dog can change everything.

CEG PRODUCTION – The Christian Entertainment Guild is a team of Christians coming together to support each other in our faith journey as well as to become better film makers and entertainment creators. CEG Production Team currently produces live content, promotional materials, and other large scale projects as selectively chosen. We support the development of many projects outside of what is created within the group. CEG is currently seeking professionals in the industry who are interested in mentoring and sharing their gifts to help other Christians become better film makers and content creators. Whether you are an apprentice or interested in being mentored or a part of the team we would love for you to join the team. For more information please contact:


Many of us who have been in the entertainment industry for years have trudged through the challenge of getting careers up off the ground. We look back on those hardships and are thankful for the journey, the wisdom that comes through the process and our growing reliance on God’s will every step of the way. Oh, what we would have done to have had a mentor.  Even today how amazing it is to have fellowship with other believers in the industry who have been on similar journeys and share the same love for Jesus.

CEG brings together industry with hearts for Jesus into a mentorship program where they can share their gifts, give back to the community and help those who are struggling to make it in the industry or still working their way up. It’s an amazing opportunity to give back while doing

what you love. If you are an experienced DP, screenwriter, AD, Producer, Director, Composer, Editor, Gaffer, Sound Engineer, Costume Designer, Production Designer, Actor or other, we’d love to chat with you about how to get involved when you have a day off or are between projects. e-mail:


Want to jump into our great big faith family community of Christians in entertainment and get involved? The best way to do so is join a CEG Team. e-mail us at for more info.

Industry professionals interested in using their gifts to support the development of entertainment projects that portray the true nature of Christ for a secular audience e-mail:

Willing to help with CEG worship events? As CEG continues to grow we need behind the scenes people to help with everything from Musicians, Hospitality, Christian Education, Research, Accounting, Locations Management, Tech Team, Camera & Lighting and more… e-mail: for more info.

Communications majors or students be a part of a team supporting CEG LIVE as well as getting film and other entertainment projects up off the ground, packaged and out the door. Graphic designers, Art Directors, Journalists, Writers and more join the CEG Communications Team. e-mail:

JOIN THE CEG WORK PARTY – Saturday September 16, 2017. Join in, get connected and help CEG behind the scenes as we prepare for the kickoff of CEG LIVE coming in October. It’s a fun, social day with lots of busy things to do… wallpapering flats, making props, costume and wardrobe dept. prep, name badges, organization, baking, sewing and more. 10 am to 4pm in Westlake Village. Can’t make it on 9/16? Let us know when you can help. We’d love to get you involved. e-mail to sign up or ask questions. Thank you!


Hope for Hollywood Forgiveness Journey – Desire to let go of past hurts? Learn how to forgive? Join Hope for Hollywood for their Fall Forgiveness Journey!  Course facilitated by H4H Director Kathy Young and Marriage/Family Therapist Damaris Martinez from Eagle Rock Therapy. Sunday afternoons beg. Sept 10, 2017 from 2:30-5:00 pm. You can still join in person in Eagle Rock, CA or via Skype. For more information please email or click on this link:

Join the Hollywood Prayer Network’s (HPN) STUDIO LOT PRAYER WALKS. “Twice a month, we email members of our Studio Lot Prayer Walkers with information about the studio walk taking place that week. If you’re local and interested in joining our lunchtime “below the radar” Studio Lot prayer walks, just email us at and we’ll add you to our list of prayer walkers.”

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